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Project Description

Like most other days since the start of this year I have been making my way to high schools all across San Diego county.  Yesterday, February 9th, 2016, was no different.

Oceanside, Ca. was my destination.  5 games the job.  I find working at multiple schools gives me a chance to gain a perspective on San Diego, it’s inhabitants and surroundings that is, which I did not have even after living here for 30 years.  I also get to see some great amateur sports, for free, anywhere in the city!

I get an all access pass to everywhere sports and get to take pics of whatever I see in my lens concerning the field of sports. my job requires a cer.  So I try to take advantage of some artistic moments with sports objects like the ball on the court, or water bottles, when I can.  And sometimes, just sometimes, I catch a really special moment.  I’ll share those here.  Most picture of the games I cannot sell, they are not mine, and of 13-18 years old sports players; so there is that.  The other pics, not of faces, but of object and motion I can sell, if I choose.  Enjoy.

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