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The day started at my High School alma mater, Mt. Carmel High School. Seems not much has changed with the JV team at least, the MCHS Sundevils were getting rousted by La Costa Canyon. Next up on the schedule was Torrey Pines High School JV & Varsity Team.

Torrey Pines was facing Santa Fe Christian in both games. Nothing memorable beyond the national anthem of the varsity game, and the staunch difference in the amount of fans for varsity and JV; Friday Night Lights clearly still is the thing to do. This week nothing beat the game between Westview and Rancho Buena Vista.

WVHS and RBV were locked in a tense defensive battle through the whole game. I was able to catch the entire second half, and let me tell you there was no lack of trying on either offensive side, each defense came to play; a fact that would ring true for one team at the end of the game. With roughly 6 minutes left RBV started a drive around their own 20, needing nearly 80 yards for pay dirt, and in comes number 26, Bowman.

Marching down the field Bowman wouldn’t be denied. Galloping for chunks of yards at a time, and getting some pretty sweet YAC (yards after catch). Bowman found rest only in a few plays when the RBV QB tossed the ball near side lines for a couple of yards at a time, Bowman did the heavy lifting. Nearing the goal line it looked as the WVHS was going to make a stop, but on 4th and goal, bowman made his move. Jumping through the O-line and getting into the end zone with a little more than 3:30 remaining.

WVHS get the ball back on their 20 after a touch back and started their “drive”. Also, unwilling to be denied, WVHS dinked and dunked their way down the field. Getting towards the goal line the WVHS RB gets the call and drags himself into the end zone.

Lining up for the kick, score at 6-7 with 1:44 to go, RBV is looking to make a stop and not go into over time. The kick went up, and you could hear the grunts from the D-line for RBV as they blasted through the O-line, jumped high in the air and blocked the WVHS kick. Believe me, this is enough to make ya old, and the game isn’t over yet.

RBV still has to get a first down, WVHS has all it’s timeouts and has a 1:44 clock to manage. Making the stops needed and using up it’s time outs WHVS actually had 0:52 seconds when they got the ball back after RBV punting. With some crafty passing WVHS got back into field goal range. RBV, needed to make another stop, it’s last chance…

Lining up for the kick once more on the far hash WVHS calls for the snap, RBV digs in and the kick went up, and for a second time that evening RBV blocks WVHS only other attempt at a field goal. Defense was putting on a clinic at WVHS last Friday evening, and I got to witness it field side.



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