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Project Description

The past 8 weeks shooting high school sports photography was, in a word, brilliant!  I leaned so much about my camera’s abilities, great places to stand for primo shots, and I also got to travel the whole city!

San Diego truly has some of the countries luckiest kids with their outdoor school, multiple sports teams/divisions.  Other cities enjoy sports, but San Diego has some of the most diverse group of young athletes in the country.  I love the different communities San Diego offers, and the underlying tone of support from the parents to the young athletes. Youth athletics is playing a larger role in the lives of our young adults, and I feel that is only to their overall betterment.  Specialization in a skill has become a cornerstone of parenting these days, to the point it’s becoming a marketable industry for would be coaches and mentors.  Some what scary to think about. You can follow your favorite San Diego High School on Varsity Views website, or follow me on social media to see only the highlights of my time in the field.


Final Week VV 2016-5 Final Week VV 2016-4

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