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Jonathan David
Jonathan DavidPhotographer | Entrepreneur | World Traveler | In Love
Thank you for stopping by, my name is Jonathan David. My business has grown from my passion for photography. I started working for myself as a photographer in 2014. A lot of my work has been in the architectural photography field. You can see in my fine art I very much like using architectural elements.

Most of the year I work as real estate photographer for companies and single agents. Please take a moment to check out my reviews and my portfolio of my professional work (both can be found through the navigation menu).

Running my own business, finishing college while working full time, and having two hard working parents has taught me to never give up, work as hard as needed to get the job done to the best of your abilities by giving 110% the whole way. I carry that attitude to my professional life, I stand by my work and want to be known for reliable and consistently high quality photographs.

I have taken award winning photos since starting my business and have been printed in local papers. Some of my art can be found in local shops all around the city and I sell prints of my fine art work here on my website. The link for purchasing prints can also be found through the navigation menu.

I appreciate your time looking through my portfolio and your consideration for commissioning me. You can be confident I will work with you as a team player to reach your photography goals.

Thanks again for stopping by